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Wellness am Tegernsee mit Ausblick

A feeling of total wellbeing

Massage & Personal Trainer

Your Masseur and Personal Trainer: Florian Lindner

  • Physiotherapist
  • non-medical practitioner
  • Yoga teacher
  • Qigong teacher
  • qualified sports instructor
  • personal trainer

Florian Lindner has 25 years of experience
including 1 year in Japan.


Massage (from French 'masser' - to massage); to touch or from Greek μάσσω "work with hands; knead“) seeks to physically affect the skin, connective tissues and muscles by stretching, pulling and pressing.The therapeutic effects of massage extend beyond the specific area being treated, to include the entire body and psyche.

The most important effects are:

    • Local increase in blood flow
    • Lowering of blood pressure and pulse
    • Relaxing of the muscles
    • Relieves clumps and scars
    • Improved healing of wounds
    • Pain relief
    • Effect on internal organs through reflex arcs
    • Mental relaxation
    • Stress reduction
    • Improved metabolic activity in the tissues
    • Relaxes skin and connective tissue
    • Effects the vegetative nervous system

Our physiotherapist Florian Lindner offers the following types of massage:

Full body massage: Depending on the individual's situation and requirements, may be a relaxation massage, therapeutic massage or sports massage.
55 minutes 105,- €
Partial massage: Depending on the requirements and symptoms, e.g. back, legs, arms; head/face; colonic massage.
30 minutes 65,- €
Reflex-zone massage: on feet, hands and ears. This involves impulses on the skin and connective tissues affecting the internal organs via the vegetative links (reflex arcs).
30 minutes 65,- €
Lymph drainage: primarily for treating oedema and improving circulation on swollen parts of the body.
30 minutes 65,- €